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In order to achieve China Blue porcelain, a cobalt oxide-based pigment is first hand-painted on white biscuit which is then fired at 1300°C. China Blue is a fine painting pigment characterized by it’s distinctly bright color, stability with kiln temperature and colorfastness.

Since the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), painted China blue outdid traditional decoration techniques (engraving and printing) and became the most dominating porcelain decoration technique.

Masterpieces of China Blue were largely produced during the Ming Dynasty. The painting techniques of China Blue were further advanced during the Kangxi Era of the Qing Dynasty. In addition to the brighter and shinier blue color, China Blue is layered using different degrees of watered pigments, called Five Shades of China Blue.

Since its first appearance, China Blue has become the trademark of Jingdezhen’s porcelain-making, and the symbol of Chinese porcelain in the world.

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