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Green-white porcelain has been one of Jingdezhen’s distinctive achievements in the art of porcelain-making since the Song Dynasty (960-1279). In contrast to a pure white glaze, the Green-white transparent glaze is applied over the white biscuit, revealing a jade-like light green colour after the biscuit is fired.

Green-white glaze is made up of an iron-based transparent glaze with wood ashes and then fired under inner flame. No iron ingredient is necessary if the ashes already contain an iron substance, for too much iron will make it into green glaze instead of Green-white glaze.

The quality of biscuit also affects the outcome of Green-white glaze. In order to achieve the unique elegance that Green-white porcelain exudes, light-grey white biscuits are used in Jingdezhen. The Green-white glaze is also known as Shadow-Green glaze.

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