A Brief HistoryWho we are

Spin was formed with the intention of reviving the state of Chinese porcelain design. The minds behind Spin wanted to marry the rich production heritage of Jingdezhen (景德镇) with its own unique design. Jingdezhen in China is the porcelain capital of the world. Between 1350 and 1750 A.D., Jingdezhen was the production centre for nearly all of the world’s porcelain.

Spin started designing ceramic products in 2002. The design direction from New-York based Gary Wang was modern and minimalist. The design directions were Simple, Elegance, Organic and Flowing. Based on these principles, the design team at Spin went through a multitude of designs and prototypes in order to achieve some of our designs you see today.In 2004, after 30 months of hard work, approximately 60 products were ready and the retail shop Spin opened it’s doors in Shanghai.

Today, Spin’s products are well received and praised by people all around the world. Besides our signature items, most pieces are produced in limited quantities in order to ensure that there is an allowance for continued creativity and new designs which makes for a unique experience every time you visit Spin.

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